Beth is the braceface of the camp, and is quite shy. She is a friendly girl who aspires to be popular and have a serious relationship. She is voiced by Sarah Gadon.

Total Drama IslandEdit

On Total Drama Island, she was placed on the Screaming Gophers team, where she, along with Lindsay, was quickly drawn into an alliance with Heather. Beth quit the alliance in the episode "Paintball Deer Hunter" when she realized that Heather was simply using her and Lindsay, saying that she didn't want to be her slave. Throughout Total Drama Island, she was often regarded as a "useless teammate" and a "cling-on", but proved her teammates wrong as, over the series, she gained confidence over the built-up rage from Heather always picking on her and ordering her around. In episode 8, "Up The Creek", Beth took a tiki doll back to camp from Boney Island after Chris said not to take anything back. She missed this message when she had to go to the bathroom. Even though everyone hated Heather, Beth was voted out in episode 10, "If You Can't Take The Heat..." when her team finally discovered her cursed tiki doll which caused her team to have bad luck.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Beth was allowed to come back for the second season, where she was unbelievably much more confident, and became close friends with Lindsay, as well as Duncan. Throughout Total Drama Action, she frequently talked about her super-model boyfriend Brady, who nobody believed was real. Despite this, she also developed a crush on Justin, who, like Heather in season 1, tried to manipulate Beth and Lindsay with his good looks. Beth soon made it to the final two with Duncan, where the two ended up helping each other in the finals, resulting in a tie. As a tie-breaker, the eliminated contestants got to vote for who they would rather want to win, resulting in Duncan's victory (she wins in the alternate ending). Beth didn't care because she still had Brady who turned out to be real, much to everyone's surprise since they all thought she was making him up.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Beth did not return for Total Drama World Tour, but appeared in the Aftermath, where she was important in Bridgette's song due to her embarrassment by kissing Alejandro and her competing in the comeback challenge.