Bridgette is the vegetarian, surfer girl of the camp. She's very down the earth and sweet, but she gets scared very easily (as shown in an episode in season one where she had to stay in the woods alone, but she ended up screaming and running out when she heard a noise). Throughout the season, Geoff developes feelings for Bridgette, and expresses them in awkward ways, such as cutting out a picture of his face and taping it next to a picture of her face and putting the picture in a heart shaped frame and then putting it on her bed with a note attached that said "Whenever you look at this, I hope you think of me." This freaks Bridgette out and causes her to keep her distance from Geoff. When the other girls heard was Geoff did, they helped Bridgette get away from Geoff, causing Geoff to be heartbroken. However, as the season progressed, Bridgette developed feelings for Geoff as well, and they started flirting and hanging out more. But in one episode all the boys were getting together and were talking about voting off a girl since there were too many girls. They all decided to vote off Bridgette since she's the most athletic of the girls and would pose the greatest threat. Then the boys tell Geoff that if he doesn't vote her off, they would vote him off next time. So when the campfire ceremony came, Bridgette was voted off. As she was walking down the dock of shame, Geoff runs after her and tells her that he didn't vote her off and that he loved her, to which Bridgette yells that she loves him too. They both lean in for a kiss, but Geoff quickly pulls away and covers his nose, simply saying bye to her since she got sprayed by a skunk earlier that day which caused her to stink.

Bridgette and Geoff were both invited back for the second season, but were both the first ones voted off since their constant making out pissed off their team. They didn't really seem to care and continued to make out on their way to the lamozine. For the rest of the season Bridgette and Geoff were the hosts of the "TDA Aftermath" which was a show where they talked about what's been going on in TDA up to that point. They also interviewed voted off cast members and showed never-before-seen-clips.