TDI Anime Chef by Ben10 TDI

Chef is the chef for the campers, and he is also Chris's co-host. He is an ex-war veteran and he is constantly using the temper he got in war on the campers, usually scaring them into doing whatever he wants them to do. Although he is a chef, he cannot cook at all. All of his dishes consist of unedible slop that have the campers using the outhouse for the next three hours.

Chef seems to have a rivalry with Izzy since they are shown having intense battle scenes throughout the series, but after the battles they return to having a normal relationship.

In the second season, Chef starts an alliance with DJ, promising to make him more of a man and to help him not get voted off if he shared the prize money with him. But after a few episodes, DJ couldn't take it anymore and he admitted his alliance to the whole cast, then withdrew from the competition because he felt like he didn't deserve to compete anymore.

Chef later thinks of quitting the show. Chris hears this news and becomes upset because Chef was his best friend and he didn't want him to go. After seeing how upset Chris was, Chef decides to stay and help Chris continue to host the show.