DJ is the sweet-heart of the camp. Although is is muscular and looks like he could beat anyone up, he wouldn't hurt a fly. In fact, he is probably the most feminine of all of the male campers. To prove it, his special talent is ribbon dancing and he has a pet bunny that he treasures more than anything in the world. He is also a skilled cook.

Total Drama IslandEdit

DJ was kicked off in the first season when he lost in the serial killer challenge. He's sad about losing, but is still missed by everyone. He even got a group hug from everyone right before he left.

Total Drama ActionEdit

DJ was allowed to participate in the second season, but during that season, he started an illegal alliance with Chef. Chef promised DJ to make him more of a man and that he would help him not get voted off if he split the prize money with him when he won. However, after a few episodes, DJ couldn't take it anymore, and confessed to his alliance with Chef, then he withdrew from the competition because he felt like he didn't deserve to compete for the prize.