Duncan 1280

Duncan is the camp bad boy and is known for his juvy record. Because of his bad-ass attitude, he is always breaking the rules and picking on the weaker campers (aka: Harold) to prove his manliness. He feels no guilt from his actions and continues to break rules throughout the series.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In the middle of the first season, Duncan developed feelings for Courtney after the many times she clung on to him by accident. In order to get her to loosen up, he dares her to steal some food from Chris's and Chef's tent. To prove she's just as tough as Duncan, she does so with him, and brings all the food back to the cabins where they shared it with both teams. Later on, Courtney told Duncan he's not her type, but takes it back by grabbing him and kissing him. Harold sees this and uses it as revenge against Duncan for always picking on him. That night Harold snuck into the confessional and replaced all the votes in the box with pieces of paper with Courtney's name on them. When Chris revealed that Courtney was the one going home, the rest of her team said that they didn't vote her off, but Chris said that rules are rules, then dragged Courtney to the dock of shame and threw her on the boat of losers. As it sailed off Duncan yells, "Man, this sucks!!!" And throughout the rest of the season all the other campers mention how much Duncan is into Courtney. (ex: Gwen mentioning that Duncan has a picture of Courtney under his pillow) And Duncan tried to vote off Heather one time because he thought she was the one who got Courtney kicked off (even though it was Harold) and then sent out a shout-out to her by blowing her a kiss. However, a few episodes after Courtney left, Duncan started flirting with some of the other girls in the camp (ex: Gwen and Heather) and sort of forgot about Courtney.

Duncan was the fourth from last person to get voted off on the first season. He was voted off after Leshawna and before Heather.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Duncan was allowed to participate in the second season and continued to do his bad boy stunts, but in the middle of the season Courtney comes back, using the power of her lawyers, and makes it so that she's on the opposite team from Duncan. She does this so she can compete against him and take her revenge on him for flirting with all those other girls after she got voted off. However, after a few episodes, Courtney allowed Duncan to date her again, but the relationship came with a 500 page contract and a list of rules he had to follow. After Courtney got voted off, Duncan threw away the contract and screamed out his freedom, but later revealed that he still had feelings for Courtney.

Duncan and Beth were the final two in TDA, and Duncan won.