Izzy is a camper on total drama and the crazy character of the show, in fact, she is on the ircp's most wanted list and is being tracked down by Canada's Mounted Police.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Izzy's crazy ideas most of the time get her team in trouble, but sometimes they can help her team amazingly, but sometimes she accidentally helps the other team by mistake, which is why she got voted off on the first season. Well, it was never announced that she was voted off, but right before Chris said who would get the final marshmallow, the FBI arrived in a helicopter and told Izzy that they had her surrounded. Everyone was shocked and thought they she was making up all the things she said, she then told them that she only made up one thing, then stood up and yelled, "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!" before running off, chased by the FBI.

Later on in the first season, Izzy was brought back (along with Eva) by "popular audience demand." But at the end of the episode, Eva revealed that Izzy never really left the island, that she was just underground the entire time, but before Eva could finish her sentence, Izzy called her crazy, then announced that they should all have a party in LeShawna's new trailer. Everyone agreed and followed Izzy to the trailer.

A few episodes later, Izzy was voted off again, so she didn't win the first season. However, she was the one who determined the winner of the season. When Gwen and Owen were racing, Izzy saw that Owen was slowing down. Since she was on Owen's side, and she didn't want him to lose, she called all the other people on Owen's side and told them what she needed in order for Owen to win. They got her everything she needed, then used the materials to help Owen win. She held up a plate of brownies in front of a fan and turned it on so that the smell of brownies filled the air. Owen smelled the brownies and suddenly ran twice as fast as Gwen and ran past the finish line, only to crash into a wide-eyed Izzy and eat the brownies.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Since Izzy lasted longer than the other contestants in the last season, she was allowed to participate in season two, but in this season, she changed her name to Kalidescope, E-Scope for short since she thought it was a pretty name. But it was the fact that she wouldn't answer to her original name and her stubbornness about being called E-Scope that led her to get voted off the show, but just like in season one, she came back illegally and said that they voted off "E-Scope" not Izzy, so Izzy was still in the game. She responded to Izzy for awhile, then made up an alter-ego called "Explosivo" who was a Hispanic male who had an obsession with TNT. She would often change into this state and shout her catch-phrase "BOOM! BOOM!" before running off to hatch a master plan. She was later voted off for contributing nothing to the team.

In the finale of the second season, when she was writing down who should win (Duncan or Beth) she wrote down "Explosivo" instead. Her vote was not counted.