The Killer Bass is a team that fights against the Screaming Gophers in Total Drama Island. The elimination for the team is:

Contestant Team Place Overall Place & Elimination Episode
Ezekiel 11th 22nd Place. Voted Out In Not So Happy Campers.
Katie 10th 19th Place. Voted Out in The Sucky Outdoors.
Tyler 9th 18th Place. Voted Out In Phobia Factor.
Sadie 8th 15th Place. Voted Out In Who Can You Trust.
Courtney 7th 14th Place. Unfairly Voted Out By Harold In Basic Straining.
Harold 6th 13th Place. Voted Out In X-Treme Tourture.
Eva 5th 12th Place. Voted Out in Both The Big Sleep And No Pain No Game. Returned In No Pain No Game.
Bridgette 4th 10th Place. Voted Out In Hide And Be Sneaky.
DJ 3rd 8th Place. Eliminated in Hook, Line, Screamer.
Geoff 2nd

6th Place. Voted Out In Trial By Tri-Armed Tri-Athalon

Duncan 1st 4th Place. Eliminated By The Girls (Heather And Gwen.)