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Tyler hits a Bouy

Not So Happy Campers Part 2 is the 2nd episode of TDI.

The 22 campers have divided into two teams: The Screaming Gophers, and the Killer Bass. And they have started to settle in, when Chris gives then their first challenge: to jump off a 1000 foot high cliff, into the lake below. They campers goal was to jump into the smaller, center ring in the water because the larger, outer ring was filled with "pycotic man-eating sharks" and for each camper to do the challenge, their team will recieve a crate that will be used in the 2nd part of the challenge. Chris assigns the Bass to go first, and Bridgette is the first out of all of them to jump. She lands safetly and smoothly in the center ring. Tyler follows and hits one of the bouyies that surrounds the center ring. The Bass continue to jump off the cliff until it's DJ's turn. DJ refuses to jump becuase of a fear of heights and is the first to put on the dreaded chicken hat. Courntey also chickens out and takes the chicken path down the mountain. Katie and Sadie start complaining how they need to be on the same team so Izzy switches places with Katie so both Katie and Sadie are on the Bass and Izzy is on the Gophers. The Bass finish jumping and 9 of the 11 complete the challenge. The Gophers turn to jump and Heather tells everyone she's not doing the challenge becuase she doesn't want to get her hair wet on national TV. LeShawna throws her over the egde and a lot of the oher Gophers follow. Beth is the only Gopher not to do the challenge. Owen is the last camper on the mountain and he jumps, meaning, the Gophers won part 1 of the first challenge, earning them pull carts to carry thier crates in.

Part 2 of the Challenge: Both teams are told that inside the crates are supplies to build hottubs and they both begin taking them back to camp. The Gophers use their pull cart while the Bass have to push them. Katie and Sadie go to pee in the woods and come back later, while Courtney is bitten by a bug. Katie and Sadie find out they had squatted in poison ivy and start freaking out. The Gophers got to camp and found out they had to open the crates with thier teeth so they begin doing that. Due to the time it took to get back to camp, the Bass had to rush to even build something. The Gophers build a really nice hottub while the Bass's stunk so the Bass had to vote someone off. Most of them had decided to eliminate Courtney because she and DJ were wearing chicken hats, but DJ looked stronger, but when Ezekial started making sexsist comments about the girls at camp, they all got mad at him. Geoff tried to defend him a little by saying he "At least he doesn't think guys are smarter than girls." but Ezekial immediatly countered the help by saying "But they are."

Elimination: At the elimination, Geoff was the first camper ever to get a marshmellow and Corutney and Ezekial where the first campers ever to be in the bottom two. The order of marshmellow's given out was Geoff, Tyler, Katie, Bridgette, DJ, Harold, Sadie, Duncan, Courtney. In most videos I've seen, Eva doesn't get a marshmellow but is still safe. The girls, and most likely a few guys to, voted Ezekial out and he was the first camper eliminated.