Not so happy campers is the second part of the episode Not so Happy Campers. After a unpleasant meal of meals that move from your plate, the 22 campers have to jump off a cliff into the lake. Their target is a circle, which is not infested by sharks. This is The Screaming Gopher's and The Killer Bass first challenge. The Killer Bass is first up. Bridgette jumps first and actually makes it. A boat comes to catch her. This encourages Tyler and he jumps, but gets hurt on a metal object, which sinks. DJ refuses to jump, as he scared of heights. Chris gives DJ a chicken hat, which he has to wear for the rest of the day. He had to walk down an elevator. Courtney also chickens out. Soon, it is The Screaming Gopher's go. Owen pretends to be happy, but he is secretly scared. Lindsay almost chickens out, but jumps because Heather jumped, thanks to LeShawna. Meanwhile, Beth chickens out, because she is too scared. Harold jumps and get hurt by the metal thing under the sea and screams in pain. Soon, it is time for their second challenge. They all had to build a spa. The best team wins and avoids getting eliminated. The losing team will vote off someone! Courtney got bitten by something and has a really bad eye, but doesn't let The Screaming Gophers know. In the end, The Screaming Gopher's win because The Killer Bass's spa got destroyed, due to it's weakness. At dinner, The Killer Bass are fighting about who to vote off. Ezekiel makes rude comments about all the females. At the bonfire, it came down to Courtney and Ezekiel. Courtney kept yelling about how she couldn't get voted off because she was a CIT, but she was worried that everybody wouldn't want a CIT on her team. Ezekiel was shivering and was nervous. He didn't think that he'd be voted off due to his rude comments about girls. But, in the end, Courtney was safe. Ezekiel was sad as he walked down The Dock of Shame. Meanwhile, near the cabins, The Screaming Gopher's are happy about their victory, and are celebrating. LeShawna, Noah and Owen do a dance for the Gopher's. Courtney says something, saying she will try to win.