Sadie is Katie's best friend and is always seen with her. They dress the same and do everything the same. However, they are different in some ways. For example, Sadie is better at cooking and directions than Katie, and they often get into fights over their skills. Katie and Sadie had their first fight in the first season when they got lost in the woods and Sadie blamed Katie for her poor skill in directions. Katie then yelled at her and they started fighting, but after hearing some creepy noises, they stopped fighting and ran together into a cave for the night. The next morning when they both got back to the camp, they were the last ones to get there, causing their team to lose the challenge since their whole team was supposed to be at the camp for it to count. That night, Katie was the one voted off since the team couldn't vote off both of them. Sadie and Katie sobbed and hugged each other before they were dragged away from each other. As Katie is riding away on the boat, the two girls cry out how much they miss each other already. After sobbing on the dock for three hours, Bridgette pulled Sadie away from the dock, but ended up pulling a plank of wood with her since Sadie was grasping the dock so hard that it was pulled off. Later on in the series, Sadie was voted off.

Since Sadie and Katie were voted off so early in the competition, they were not allowed to participate in the second season.